Different types of air conditioning used in commercial premises

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Types Of Air Conditioning

Ceiling air conditioning

If you take a typical office, often floor area and the available space to work in is the highest priority, what you don’t want to do is lose any of this vital space to items such as air conditioning units. Often if there is available space in ceiling voids cassette type air conditioning will be fitted. This type of system has a number of advantages. Firstly as the indoor unit is ceiling fitted so no important office space is given up to the system?  The second major benefit of this type of installation is the air conditioning cassette itself is square and on most models can blow cool air out of each side of the square; hence one fitted ceiling cassette can cool a large area.

As we have seen there are many different types of commercial premises that require air conditioning, equally there are nearly as many types of systems that can be fitted. Typically the types of air conditioning installation will be dictated by the physical constraints of the building with factors such as free wall space, false ceilings and the capacity of the electricity supply of the building coming into play. Let’s take a look at some types of air conditioners that are suited to commercial applications.

Ducted air conditioning

This again has similar advantages to the cassette type in that the indoor component of the system can be fitted into a ceiling void so you do not lose floor space. You can however cool a number of rooms from one single centrally located indoor unit. This is achieved by running flow and return air ducts from the central unit to each room to be cooled. The major disadvantage of this type of system is that one room will have the temperature sensor in that controls the indoor unit and whatever temperature this room is set to the other rooms will be the same.

Indoor ducted air conditioning unit Ceiling cassette air conditioning