Air conditioning units suitable for homes

The smaller sized air conditioning units from all suppliers are suitable for use in residential houses and small offices, with the majority being high wall mounted units. All suppliers’ ranges start from around 2kw output right up to 10 KW for a single unit. We recommend that you use this formula to work out the capacity required for your particular room. For an average ceiling height of three meters with moderate insulation properties, you will require one kilowatt of heating and cooling power for every ten square meters room size. So a fifty square meter room will require five kilowatt of heating and cooling power to maintain the room temperature.

These high wall models to cost less to purchase compared to other styles which make them an attractive proposition to householders who are looking to cut costs on their heating bills and switch away from heating sources such as electric only and oil heating systems.

Typically householders rather than replacing their complete heating system will use a multi air heat pump system, with maybe 3 indoor units heating 3 rooms of the house, to supplement the current system that is in use. Al manufacturers make this small multi heat pump – air conditioner systems.

The installation of wall mounted units is generally far easier than installing another style of system, such as ducted heat pump systems to give an example. Many companies for instance supply air conditioning fitting kits with all the ancillary components supplied to allow for a more straightforward installation process. Two of the most popular multi split systems are the Mitsubishi multi split system and the LG Mirror multi split air conditioner models, the LG offering offers stylish designed indoor units in s grey charcoal finish. You can see both systems below.

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