Air conditioning and heat pump products

High Wall Mounted Systems - We would recommend the Mitsubishi and Fujitsu wall mounted models, there is a wide selection of models to choose from all are full air heat pumps - air conditioners, meaning they can both heat and cool. All the featured models have inverter driven compressors to optimise running efficiencies. They also come with a easy to use hand held remote controllers with all features being able to be controlled via this controller.

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Mitsubishi SRK35ZJ-S Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioning

Mainly fitted into houses LG and Fujitsu offer a range of low wall air conditioner - heat pumps models. Each consists of the outdoor heat pump unit that has inverter energy saving motor control, to give to the maximum energy efficiency when the system is running. Also included is a remote control and the indoor unit itself that can be mounted on a dwarf wall with a minimum height of 600mm. If you have a conservatory for instance these products offer a energy efficient alternative to heating especially as they can be run independent of the main house heating system

LG inverter air conditioning Fujitsu low wall heat pump