All products are reverse cycle heat pumps - That can heat

We have concentrated on the air conditioning aspect with regard to commercial premises. However the vast majority of systems we are talking about are in fact reverse cycle heat pumps and hence can offer a business owner complete heating and cooling throughout the year. Not only that as technology has advanced air heat pumps have become one of the most inexpensive ways to heat a business premises. The government has recognised this and now rewards business owners who use these types of heating systems with various tax breaks.

Hence you can see the advantages of installing these types of heat pump - heating systems not only are they cheap to run compared to traditional heating methods such as electric only heating systems, they offer a air conditioner function to provide cooling during the warmer months of the year. We would recommend that you stick to one of the major manufacturers of these products that can provide you with good service and support such as the following below.

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Fujitsu air conditioning Mitsubishi air conditioning Panasonic air conditioning

Fujitsu – They offer a complete range of appliances that can provide air conditioning and also heating when in heat pump mode. Fujitsu air conditioning has been on the market in the UK for many years and certainly offers a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Mitsubishi – Are probably the leaders in terms of sales volume for systems in the UK market, the Mitsubishi heat pump range is probably the largest range available on the UK market, they also offer a comprehensive service back up network.

Panasonic – Tend to focus more on the domestic market in the UK with their range of heat pump and air conditioner products. We would recommend there wall mounted Etherea air conditioner unit. This is not only suited for the domestic market put also smaller types of offices and suck like where a wall mounted heating and cooling system is ideal.