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3rd July 2013

I love Mondays, it means that I am back at work but in a lovely cocoon of ambient temperature controlled office hmmmm.  Nothing beats having a lovely cool breeze wafting across the office taking away the humidity of a British summer or what we are more used to in UK, getting in from the cold trot across the car park and bringing up the heat brrrrrr.

Being warmer than the average person in our office I like to have the window open, but the noise of the lawns being mown and the hedges trimmed drives me nuts at this time of year, so bring on the sun but bring on the air con!

There are different option available such as wall mounted, ducted or cassette systems from a host of manufacturers such as Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. Each type has their advantages & disadvantages.  Our technical experts here can help you in choosing your system that suits you and your workplace best.

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29 January 2016

Just released onto the market is a new three phase electrical supply heater manufactured by the British manufacturer Broughton. The FF13 twin ducted heater offers a compact yet powerful heating performance and would be suited for workshops used by small engineering firms as an example.

07 December 2015

Larger electrical heaters offer a convenient way of heating many types of commercial business premises. The reason for the popularity of these types of heaters is that fact they are available form a wide variety of distributors with many different sizes of heaters available. One company that we would recommend if you are looking for this type of heater is Saturn Sales Limited. From our experience they have a wealth of experience and are happy to offer advice on which would be the best heater for your needs. Their biggest selling heater is the FF3 electric fan heater, which is made by the British manufacturer Broughton. This company offers a wide variety of heaters to suits virtually all domestic and commercial heating applications.

25 November 2015

As autumn moves into winter heating becomes a priority for many business owners. There are a wide variety of business type premises ranging from industrial type premises to small shops. The type of heater you require will be dependent on a number of factors such as area to be heated, the type of electrical supply available and safety factors such as is the area being used with children in the area, are there any fire hazards etc. If you look at something like an indoor children’s play area any type of heater with a naked flame or a heater that produces toxic fumes would be of no use. In this particular application a heater such as a commercial fan heater would be ideal, these types of heaters offer a clean and safe heat source and are easily moveable to direct the heating to where it is required.

9 September 2013

Well what a great summer that has just gone I bet those air conditioner units have been running at full blast to keep all you busy workers cool. You may want to think about getting your systems serviced as often breakdowns occur when you switch them from cooling into heating mode for the winter. Unfortunately you will generally have to pay for this service unless of course you can sweet talk your air conditioning engineer into doing it for free. Maybe a box of chocolates or the offer of free beer may prove to be persuasive.