Why air conditioning in commercial premises?

Air conditioning is a necessity in many commercial premises in order to control temperature within a certain operating range, there are many reasons why the temperature might fluctuate in a building and hence require air conditioning to bring the temperature down. If you take for instance an office environment that may be open plan with large south facing windows on a bust street. It is often impractical to open windows due to traffic noise and pollution. On a sunny day however the solar gain from sun shining through the windows will quickly raise the temperature in the office to unbearable levels and hence some form of cooling will be required and hence this is where some type of air conditioner system is required.

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Again in office type environments many more electronic devices are to be found in offices such as computers, printers servers etc. Whist the heat output from one computer may only be 300 watts, this multiplied many times can cause the temperatures in the office area to quickly rise unless some type of cooling system is in place. If you take an office all the computers will be connected to a server in order to allow internet access, servers in particular are temperature sensitive. Let’s take a scenario where you deal with your customer’s purely via the internet. In this scenario you cannot afford to have the server facility tripping out and losing your internet connection and hence it is vital that you have an air condition system to keep the server cool.

Wall mounted air conditioning

This is an example of a smaller split type air conditioner, which would be fitted into a small office type, commercial premises. These wall mounted systems have other features such as dehumidification and air circulation facilities. Most these days can also be programmed to operate independently within set parameters. The controller can then be set so that only a designated person can change these master settings.

There are many other types of industries that will also require temperature control and utilize a cooling system to avoid machinery overheating with the loss of production. If you take modern digital printers a great deal of heat is given off in the printing process, so it is vital that an appropriately sized air condition system is fitted to monitor and control the temperature within the print shop.

Common customer questions from customers?

We have very little room outside for the outdoor unit, will this be a problem to install air conditioning? The answer is generally not but it will ultimately depend on the available room. All air conditioning manufacturers these days make multi systems where one outdoor unit will run numerous indoor units. This saves space especially where you do not have enough room for multiple outdoor units.

I want air conditioning fitted into the ceiling is this possible? Yes it is, often commercial premises have false ceilings where cassette style air conditioning systems can be fitted. You will generally need at least 250 mm of space in the ceiling void to be able to do this.We often get asked what would be the best type of heating for small industrial premises.

A reverse cycle air heat pump is a good choice however the initial cost of buying the equipment is relatively high. Using an electric fan heater such as the Clarke devil heater range is often a good choice.

Often in warehouses as an example you may want to heat just a specific area where workers are located, rather than trying to heat the whole warehouse area that would cost a great deal of money. One of the best options for this type of heating is a halogen heater that will just heat the specific area where workers are located.

If you have a large commercial premises that dispatches out goods it is often difficult to heat the area adequately and keep your employees warm. In this type of scenario a heater with a high output is required that is not too expensive to run. Electric fan heaters are an option with easy control of the heat output, however these types of heaters are expensive to run and maintain. The more common heater option for this type building requirement would be a propane space heater. These come in a wide variety of outputs with the larger models being able to be run off a dual power supply of 110 volts and 230 volts. The main consideration when using this type of space heater is to make sure there is adequate ventilation in the area to be heated. Although these forms of heater are far cleaner to run than diesel space heaters as an example, you still need some form of ventilation to run them safely.

Industrial units house many different types of businesses from engineering firms to car valet companies to name just a few, often however these types of premises are poorly heated and even providing some form of background hearing can be difficult. Commercial electric heaters are a popular way of heating such buildings, with many different styles of heaters available from a large number of suppliers. We would advise however before purchasing these types of products to speak to a reputable supplier with regards which type of heater is the most suitable, to make sure you buy the correct product.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial heater the FF12 electric fan heater offers a robust design with proven reliability, this heater can be easily mounted on a shelf to heat medium sized commercial premises. If you require a heater that can heat multiple rooms the Broughton FF29 ducted fan heater fits the bill, this heater is also fitted with wheels so can be easily moved to heat new areas if required.